Bike Travel from Singapore by Ferry

The transport of bikes from Singapore is smooth and convenient and has been tested for many years through the various MetaSport events organized in Bintan.

If you are travelling on the ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Singapore to Bintan Island and staying at Bintan Lagoon Resort please book your Mozaic ferry here. If you are staying elsewhere on the Island please book with Bintan Resort Ferry.  Your bike must travel on the same ferry as you.

You need to book a bike slot for your bike regardless of whether you pack it in a box or wheel it on the ferry in one piece.

Your bike will be handled with care by the ferry operator, however, we advise you to:

  • Remove all accessories and loose parts from your bike, so they will not get lost during transportation
  • Protect your bike against scratches by wrapping your frame in bubble wrap or packing your bike in a box
  • Remove your pedals

Booking a Bike Slot

  1. Staying at Bintan Lagoon Resort? Choose a ferry time and book here
  2. Booked another hotel on the island? Decide which ferry you wish to take and book it
  3. Be sure to book a bike slot when you book your ferry.

Bike Transport by Plane

If you are traveling by plane, you will need to pack your bike in a bike box.

Watch this video to learn how to pack a bike box.

Bike Rental

If you require a race ready bicycle, Valley Cycles has a broad selection of road bicycles available for you to rent.

Find out more here.